Setting DAC0 and DAC1 voltages with the U6

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I'm trying to apply specific voltages to both DAC0 and DAC1 in DaqFactory with a LabJack U6 and I prefer to do it via DaqF instead of using the LJ Control Panel. For DAC0 I can just follow the example in the DaqF LabJack manual adding a D-A channel with channel number 0 but I don't know how to do the same thing for DAC1, referring to a D-A channel with channel number 1 does not work.

Also, what is the script code to do this in an autostart sequence for both DAC0 and DAC1 using the eDAC() function? Referring to 4.2.18 in the LabJack manual doesn't really give me all the details on how to do this.



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To access DAC 1, you do the same thing as DAC 0, except put Channel # of 1. I don't know if DAC's are flex pins on the U6 though, so I don't know if you have to configure the pin. On other UD devices, you do not.

As for the script, I recommend looking in the DAQFactory - LabJack application guide. Its in the DAQFactory folder with a shortcut in your start menu. Check out chapters 8 and 9.

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To make a Channel for the DAC you should just do as you describe with

I clamped DMM probes securely into the DAC1/GND terminals to view the output voltage. I started with a blank DF program and went to the Channel Table View. I added a new channel, named it DAC1, set DeviceType to LabJack, set I/O Type to D to A, set Chn # to 1, and clicked Apply. I then went to the Command/Alert window and typed DAC1 = 2 and it did indeed change DAC1 to 2.0 volts.

I am not sure if DF supports the eDAC function. Try an ePut instead:

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