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Sure, its the system.shellExecute() function described in section 5.27 of the user's guide. I've copied the section here:

System.ShellExecute(File, [Operation], [Parameter], [Path], [show]):

Performs a system shell command allowing you to start other programs from within DAQFactory. This calls the Windows API ShellExecute command.

File can be an executable file, folder, or a document provided the document extension is assigned to an application (i.e. MyDoc.txt would probably run Notepad). File is the only required parameter.

Operation is a string and can be:

"edit": launches an editor and opens the file for editing. File must be a document and not an executable.

"explore": opens the folder specified in File in Explorer.

"open": opens the specified File. In this case, the file can be an executable (which will be run), a document or folder. This is the default.

"print": prints the document specified by File. File must be a document.

Parameter is used if File is an executable and determines which command line parameters are passed to the executable. It is a string and defaults empty.

Path is the default directory used. It is a string and defaults empty.

Show determines how the shell will display itself. It is a string and can be:

"hide": does not display the executable at all, not even in the Windows task bar. If the executable does not automatically terminate itself, the only way to stop it is using the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager. This setting is best used when printing documents.

"minimize": opens File, but minimizes it.

"maximize": opens File and maximizes the window.

"normal": opens File in whatever way it normally opens. This is the default setting.

"noactivate": same as normal, but DAQFactory remains on top and in focus.

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