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I love the ODBC client flixibility that DAQFacotry provides. I have been tasked to be more cloud enabled for my company, so I have been looking for cloud based elements that we can take use as a differentiation.

I found (among others) a really neat cloud based MySQL DBaaS (database as a service) called Xeround (located at xeround.com). They have a tiered service model, starting with a free 10Meg account. I know DF works well with MySQL, and I have successfully worked with PostgreSQL throuh the ODBC System DSN client. So I wanted to test out the cloud based Xeround service. In short, it works.

I started a free test 10 meg account using a gmail account.

I installed the MySQL 5.1 driver (note: for Win 7 you may have to go to folders Windows>>SysWOW64 then open "odbcad32.exe" to configure the System DSN (described in the DF manual).

Here are the instructions that Xeround provided:

In order to connect using ODBC you can use the following instructions:

1. Make sure you have MySQL ODBC connector installed.

2. Go to: "control panel" -> "administrative tools" -> "Data Sources (ODBC)"

3. Choose 'File DSN' tab, Add...

4. Choose your MySQL ODBC driver

5. Select a place to save the connection file

6. Select the newly created connection file and click 'Configure...'

7. Type the details of your instance, including;

TCP/IP server: instance12288.db.xeround.com

Port: 8342

User: ssc01

Password: <Your Password>

Database: <Database Name which exist on your instance>

8. When using the ODBC connection, select the DSN file you created on step 3.

When you configure the MySQL ODBC System DSN make sure to open the "details" tab and check a few things.

The client will drop off unless you use the "details" settings in the 5.1 MySQL ODBC driver, I checked the settings and I needed to have the following check boxes checked:

x Enable automatic reconect

x Don't promtp when connecting

x Allow multiple statements

In addition, I specified the utf8 character set (there is no default), not sure if I had to do this or not, but I matched it to the settings on Xeround.

I was able to create a table and start logging (simple test) on a table I created (through DF ODBC logging set) called agofficetest.

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Thanks for the info.

While I'm all for the cloud, please remember its limitations, especially an ODBC connection like this. If you lose Internet connectivity, your data logging will fail. Unlike a DAQConnect connection, its not going to store and forward when the connection is reestablished. For that reason you should always log important data locally, even if you also log to the cloud.

Second, watch out for the bandwidth limitations of this product. Slowness in the logging can propagate back through to your channel timings.

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