Communicating with Ohaus Scout Pro 6000 Scale

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As the title says, I am trying to communicate with an Ohaus Scout Pro 600 scale to always bring the weight in grams into a text box if a button is clicked. I have followed the instructions on this post for the most part: http://www.azeotech....h-pc-via-rs232/

The outputs are as follows:

Tx: SA\013\010

Rx: 1026 g \013\010

Rx: 1239 g \013\010

Rx: 9 g \013\010

Rx: 213 g \013\010

The manual states that the output for the weight is 10 characters long and right justified. How would I go about pulling the weight from the scale and placing it in the component?

I have attached the part of the manual that talks about the commands for the scale.



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First, the topic link you provided shows how to do a query/response setup. If you are going to use the SA command, then you have an async setup. I personally would try and get the scale to do query/response, possibly with the 1S command (not sure since I don't have a scale to test with). As to your main question, assuming you have a string variable containing one of the lines, probably from a line like this:

private string datain = device.myDevice.readUntil(10)

then you can just do:

private data = strToDouble(datain)

Its basically the same as the other topic, except here the weight is right at the beginning so you don't need the mid().

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