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Hey guys,

I've been having a bit of a problem lately and was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue.

I've got a rather large control file that I'm adding some functionality to, and it keeps switching back to the last "page" I was on when I'm entering new channels and writing sequences! Really annoying...

Has anyone else had the random page switching problem?

Guru, am I doing something that's causing it to do this??? I open it in safe mode but it doesn't seem to help. Is it my computer?


P.S. None of my pages have speed keys assigned.

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Do you mean an actual page that you put controls on, or do would you consider a screen like the channel table a page? How often does this happen? What release are you running?

I've had this problem, in general, when using a particular remote desktop tool. When I'd switch from the remote computer to my local, Windows would for some reason get it in its head that the Ctrl key was pressed. So, when I typed things like "P" it would think I actually typed "ctrl-P", which would trigger some shortcut in whatever program I switched too. Really annoying, so much so we switched remote support tools.

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I mean an actual page. I've only noticed it when using parallels to run win7 on my macbook pro. It hasn't happend, that I remember, when using bootcamp to boot straight into windows. Thanks for clearing that up!

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