Upgrading the UD driver


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On the other topic in the subject of "DAQFactory and the LabJack", I was advised to update the UD driver.

>Also, I see that you have a quite old version of the UD driver. Consider updating:



(Posted 22 June 2012 - 06:41 AM )

At present I do not find any inconvenience with the "old version of" driver,

so what would be improved by upgrading the driver?

Thank you in advance.


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Is everything working? If so, I typically subscribe to the "if it ain't broke..." philosophy, however if you upgrade to a newer version of DAQFactory, or update your LabJack firmware, or, maybe even update your OS, you may be forced to upgrade the driver. But then, you perturbed the working system, so...

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Yes, if you are not having problems, then 3.15 is fine, but if you do have problems don't troubleshoot with an old driver.

Besides updating the driver itself, the installer updated LJControlPanel and LJSelfUpgrade, so if you were having trouble with either of those that would be another reason to update.

Most of the changes are probably for the U6, which was a new device as the changes were happening. Here are some of the changes:

3.16: Fixed bug causing a delay when the LabJackUD driver was unloaded in a program

3.17: Added support for SWDT settings for initial roll time and strict mode

3.18: Fixed a bug with negative timer values when using ETCConfig with LJ_tmQUAD on the U3 and U6

Fixed bug causing a delay when stream on U3/U6 was stopped

3.19: Fixed bug that caused LJ_ioPUT_TIMER_VALUE to corrupt other results when done in the same Go or GoOne call

3.22: Fixed bug in the U6 and U3 that caused excessive delays when com buffer started to fill

3.23: Added GetThreadID function

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