Unknown 'InDraw' Error


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Hello Guru,

I experienced a strange error recently. While in Dev mode, looking at a graph but not doing any editing, a dialog box popped up and stated:

"Unknown error, save your document under a different name before proceeding: in draw"

It locked up the .ctl, and I had to use Taskmanager to get out of DF.

Ever seen this before? Any ideas on how to avoid it?


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This is a last chance catch for any unexpected errors in the code. They are very rare, but help prevent the whole program from just quitting. While the UI may have looked locked up, its likely that your background threads acquiring data and running sequences were actually functioning. Anyhow, since its catching an unexpected error, there really aren't ways to avoid it. If you aren't getting a reoccurring error, I wouldn't worry about it. Its unlikely you will ever see it again. Unfortunately Windows itself, with all the things it does, is not 100% reliable, and sometimes a few different things just line up to create a failure. This caught that failure, but unfortunately in your case couldn't recover the UI. You should not use a Windows based system for those areas of your system that require a higher level of reliability. And of course, you should always have hard wire safety backups for all failure modes. This is true whether you are using a PC or a PLC.

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