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Have successfully used DAQConnect to DAQFactory to my Modbus RTU LED lighting control printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) (I am writing the Modbus RTU slave software on the PIC24FJ64GA104 microcontroller).

Able to communicate with my Modbus RTU slave LED light fixture dimmer PCBA system and dim / control.

I now want to be able to send the status of my Modbus RTU slave PCBA to DAQConnect (using DAQFactory as the bridge). For example, on DAQFactory I have bar graphs and LEDs showing the wattage being used for each channel of LED light fixtures and the ON/OFF status using the DF LED. I want to be able to do something similar on DC.

Right now I am using a DF test channel set to A/D to communicate with DC. I am not sure how to proceed to send my Modbus RTU slave device data to DC.

Would I use something like Read Holding S16 (3) and will that send the data to DC? Since I am writing the Modbus RTU slave software on my controller that is no problem to make that happen.

Please point me in a direction get more information.



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That is exactly right. Create a channel in DAQFactory that will query the Modbus value you want to view in DAQConnect. Make sure it's properly querying in DAQFactory (i.e. the channel gets values), then check the box that days "DC?" (or maybe its DAQConn?) to cause those values to be sent up to DAQConnect.

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