Modbus Register And Bit Value


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I have a modbus registry value that is the status of 5 relays in bit representation... the bit values indicate the on/off stat of the relays in order (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5).

The variable value component reads the binary notation and converts it into a number, which I think is normal. So when some of the relays are on, I get a value of "9".

How can I display the registry value in bit representation, and how can I make it useable for logging relay run time?

I would like to log relay 1 runtime, relay 2 runtime, etc...


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I'm not doing something right. The bits are not accurate and some are -0...

Here is what I have in the channel (channel=RelayStatus) event:

private bits = to.Bit(RelayStatus[0])






I am think that the second [0] in the Relay.addvalue lines identifies the bit (sequentially) in the registry value. But I also thought that using [0][0] together was identifying a two dimensional array.


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Just reread the documentation, the bit order is from the LSB (least significant bit)... so the first relay (I think) should be



but this does not work either. I have some formatting issue, the bit values seem random with -1, -0, 0, and 1.

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