Calculating Equipment Runtim


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I am monitoring equipment through relays with an on=1 or off=0 value, I would like to use the channel array to determine how long (in seconds) the equipment (or relay) has been on.

I am not sure where to start.

Maybe a combination of GetTime and SeqAdd?

There is an example of counting the uptime of a digital channel using Var. on page 95.


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The best way to do this is with a test channel and addvalue. Create a test channel to hold the on time (remember to set the Timing to 0!). Then, in the relay channel's event, put:

testChannel.addValue(relayChannel[0] * (relayChannel.time[0] - relayChannel.time[1]) + testChannel[0])

You might have to add insertTime() in there too. Note that this will create a new line even if the relay is off, the total just won't change. Also note that you'll need to initialize testChannel to 0 whenever you clear its history (and at the very beginning). Just do testChannel.addValue(0). If you make testChannel have persist, then you shouldn't have to do it again. To reset the time, just do the same thing.

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