Modbus Tcp For Picfj64Ga104 Microcontroller


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Have successfully used DF and Modbus RTU. Setup was a PC or laptop running Windows 7, internal Wi-Fi adapter, Roving Networks Wi-Fi radio module on my PCBA. Controling my LED light fixtures (dimming, on and off) using my prorpietary hardware and firmware.

I am writing all of the Modbus TCP slave code (PIC24FJ64GA104 controller).

Want to move to Modbus TCP with DF - any advantage to this?

Reason for change is to work with other companies that have Modbus TCP devices (slave and/or master).



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Advantage? From a DAQFactory point of view, no. DAQFactory doesn't care what protocol you run on what transport layer. Other solutions however may not like doing RTU over ethernet, or TCP over serial. We understand that there are unique situations and so don't pose these sort of limits.

In general, TCP is slightly more bulky (by 4 bytes), but doesn't require the calc of a CRC. The internal frame is the same between the two. TCP adds a 6 byte header and drops the 2 byte CRC suffix.

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