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Tree List Component Doesn't Scroll All The Way Down

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I'm using the tree list component extensively in my project.  I have just discovered that if the list is long enough to make a vertical scroll bar, that scroll bar behaves strangely towards the bottom of the list.


I've attached a sample project which sort of replicates my main problem.  The tree is filled by the auto-start sequence.  Scroll down so that item 16 is the one shown at the bottom of the list.  Then try to scroll further down with the down arrow.  It doesn't work and stays in the middle.

In this sample, you can sort of get past it by dragging the scroll bar, but in my project I run into cases where that's not a possible workaround.


While I'm on the tree list, is there any chance of getting a single click event or a function that allows me to programmatically set the selected item (and highlight accordingly)?  Or a function that will retrieve the item handle from an index?  (As it stands, for instance, I have no way to reorganize the default tree elements because I can't get their handles, so I'm forced to clear the tree every time unless I saved everything off from InsertItem calls)


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