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Daqfactory Express Not Allowing Switch To Runtime Mode

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I tried to find a thread on this forum about this, but I did not find any.


I downloaded the DAQfactory trial more than a month ago, and after the trial period it turned into DAQfactory Express. (The About... window shows "DAQfactory Express Release 5.87a Build: 1972"). No problem here.


BUT the options "Switch to Runtime mode" and "Switch to Acquire" are in gray all the time, and are not selectable. I tried reinstalling the software, same situation. I do not know if this is the expected behavior.


I installed the same downloaded file (I downloaded it yesterday 11/07/2013) in a new PC and it worked OK as DAQfactory trial. The options "Switch to Runtime mode" and "Switch to Acquire" are available there and work fine.


I appreciate your response.


David Diaz





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