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Uncaught Error When Closing Daqfactory Down.

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I'm using a device with null protocol to communicate over ethernet to a server.

Everything works fine until I need to close DaqFactory down then every time I get a "C1136" Timeout error - Uncaught Error in sequence yet I have a Try/catch construct around the statement that fails:


         ReceiveData = device.StraqTCP.ReadUntil(chr(10))         
           Lots of other code.....

         ?"Error C1136 caught in SocketRcv"
         ?"Error caught in SocketRcv"

I guess I have to close this device and the ReadUntil before I close Daqfactory - but How do I do that? I have a sequence called "OnShutdown" that I use to tidy things up when the app closes and that works ok but I haven't figured out how to close the device down gracefully.



I've tried 

   device.StraqTCP.Timeout= 0
   device.StraqTCP.Address = ""
   device.StraqTCP.port = 0
   device.StraqTCP.Timeout= 10
but nothing seems to stop the device. 
Problem is that onsite (where I run Daqfactory only in RunTime mode) getting a dialog saying "Daqfactory has encountered a problem" ... "Please tell Microsoft...." does not install confidence in the customer.
On my development system running in development mode I get "C1136 Timeout: SocketRcv Line 13 - Uncaught error in sequence SocketRcv" shortly after whenever I switch to safe mode.
How do I shut the device down gracefully?


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I'm not sure the two are related, but to shut down gracefully, either end the sequence hard using endseq (which isn't too graceful), or add a flag to your while() and set the flag false when you want to quit, then wait for the sequence to quit.

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