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I would like to request if it is possible to do something for Alarming page.


A) We need 2 page for Alarms.

1) When the new Alarm is active, it should show only that alarm on the popup. Pressing ACK, should do acknowledgement.

2)  The other page should save something like 50 or 100 Alarms in the past.

Last Alarm every time on the top. Assume we defined 3 alarms. First is came in the morning, then second alarm. In the evening again the first alarm. In this case, it should not delete the first alarm in the morning. That alarm should be saved in the third row. first and third rows should be the same alarms, but only the times are different. So, we do not write extra alarm counter sequences.


B) Customer should not delete the alarms when they want. If we defined that Alarm history will be 100, then the program automatically deletes the oldest one when it reaches 100 Alarm history.


C) Timing on the Alarming should be configurable like D/M/Year, or whatever the people wants.

In my country, nobody uses Y/M/D. Now, it shows like 14y,09m,13d   05h56m27

We would like 05:56:27 13/09/2014, and it is shorter and very clear, and more international. In my country, the people who are sitting to control the process don't know the English language, and its hard to explain them. 


D) Last request for Alarming is Language. It would be good if we translate the Acknowledgement, close etc buttons to the other languages.




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The immediate solution to your requests is to simply create your own page(s) for viewing alarms.  All the alarms are accessible from script, and you can use the Fire / Reset / Acknowledge events for the alarms to fill your own array with a history.  


Note I strongly recommend that you have these events call a function passing the name of the alarm and put all the work in the that function.  Too many times I see people writing a complex function in an event, then copying it over and over again to each alarm, changing only one item. 

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