Random (?) Creation Of Channels In Daqconnect?

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HI - I am a relative newbie - so probably missing something. 


I have four channels running in DaqFactory - collecting data from a LabJack U3. All working locally in DaqFactory.  However, I am having trouble setting up the Data Source in DaqConnect.  All appears to go ok in DaqFactory, I set up a DataSource name for DaqConnect. All four channels are checked for DaqConnect.  When viewing the Data Source Tab in DaqConnect I see a number of sources being set up - some with the name that I have specified, and some with the name "Undefined".  It then settles down - and I see the Data Source with the name that I specified in DaqFactory - but with only two of the channels. Repeated attempts result in a different combination of the two channels. 


Thoughts appreciated. 


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