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I'm trying to do a script that list alarms and creates a table with the active alarms.

The problem is that the listall function only return the names as strings.

I need to do a lot of "executes" to check for example if the alarms are fired.

This is really slow and the script takes alot of time to check all the alarms.

If i have about 150 alarms and 50 of them fires it takes 2 to 3 seconds to run the script


I tried but I can't copy an alarm to a variable like this


private Alm = execute("Alarm."+Almname)

private AlmFired = Almname.Fired


Is there a way to acess the database of alarms without using the execute?

Maybe a list function that returns the alarms but with the parameters and variables acessed in a "while" or "for"




private AlmList = Alarm.List()

private iter = 0

while(iter < NumRows(AlmList))


        //code here





As attachment i'll put my teste project. The script is ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER and the display of the alarms is in page ALARMES and TEMPLATE_BANNER



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In my opinion by event is not a good solution.

We can't import and export alarms with the events.

So if i have 100 alarms i have to copy the code of the 3 events in every alarm. To much work and prone to human error.

And if later i create another alarm i can forget about the events and the alarm won't go in the table.


I'll post in the new Features Request about this functions.

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