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Hi Everyone


Can someone please help me? This might be a silly question but I am very new to DaqFactory and I've only done some very basic things.


Register in my header file "Modbus.h":




#define h_STATUS0                                0
        #define S_ReadyToStart             0x0001
        #define S_PreStart                      0x0002
        #define S_Run                             0x0004
        #define S_Cooling                       0x0080
        #define S_Short                          0x0010
        #define S_EFL                            0x0020
        #define S_Stop                           0x0040
        #define S_OverVoltage              0x0080
        #define S_UnderVoltage            0x0100
        #define S_VoltageUnb               0x0200
        #define S_OverCurrent              0x0400
        #define S_UnderCurrent            0x0800
        #define S_CurrentUnb               0x1000
        #define S_EarthFault                 0x2000
        #define S_PhaseLoss                0x4000
        #define S_PhaseRotation          0x8000
//End of Code
So I have a holding register (h_STATUS0), that contains bits, and each bit represents a "status", which on my output is an LED.
If I set up a channel in DaqFactory "wh_STATUS0, channel=0", and I want to use the channel but set only "S_ReadyToStart" (0x0001) to "1", how do I do this?
I hope this question makes sense and that someone can help me:)
Thanks in advance!


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Set the channel with Timing so you are reading the current status value.  Then, if you wanted to, say, enable S_PhaseLoss you'd do:


wh_status0 = setBit(wh_status0[0], 14)


or to turn off CurrentUnb:


wh_status0 = clearBit(wh_status0[0], 12)


Note that the 14 and 12 are bit numbers, numbered from 0.  So in your list, readyToStart is bit 0, prestart is bit 1, etc from 0 to 15 right down the list (you have a type of cooling, it should be 0x0008)

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