Component Set To Action With User Property Broken

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If you have a display component to which you've added a property "index", and the component strexpression is the value of an array at index: test[index], the displayed value works.  If you add an quick sequence action that uses the property index, that works:  system.messagebox('Your value: " + doubletostr(test[index])).  However, if you try to use the set to action just before the messagebox and to set the value using: test[index], it doesn't work, but of course it does work if you make the set to action use a literal number: test[2].  This is a problem because I'm creating a large page full of similar components that act on arrays, and if each component does everything based on its index property, duplicating it and just setting the new index value makes it do everything without clicking through all the panels updating an index value.


That said I worked around this by not using the set to action, and just putting a system.entrydialog in the quick sequence section.  But it is a bug, even if a little one!

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