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I am looking at using DaqFactory as a display system for an instrument installation. we have a buoy in a lake with thermistors every 10 metres from the surface to the bottom. Every hour data is telemetered back to our office. That data is held in a csv file. I would like to get DaqFactory to read that file (no issue there as I have done that many times before) and put the data into an array such that the array contains pairs of data - depth of thermistor and the temperature (there are only 15 thermistors hence the array would be 15x2). I would then like to plot these two against each other - the bottom axis being the temperature and the Y axis as the depth.


I have had a go at this but haven't been able to get it sorted. Do you know if it is possible to do it?





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Yes, you can certainly do it.  If I knew I was always getting two measurements, I'd probably just use two 15x1 arrays, but you can do it with a 15x2.  Just use a second [] for the second dimension.  For example, to add a row at the end:


private len = numrows(myArray)

myArray[len][0] = depth

myArray[len][1] = temperature


Note that you have to get the length first, as the length will change once you do the first assignment.


Then to graph, put:




for the Y expression, and:




for the X.  Change the X axis scaling to Lin so it doesn't create a trend graph.

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