Set Order To Table Component Using Script

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Is there a way to set the order of a table component?


I have many table components with the same size stacking up at the same location. If I want to view the content of a particular table I set its visible = 1: Component.Tablename.Visible = 1 

However, when I try to edit a table by right click on that table, the visible table won't be selected but the other hidden table is. I have to manually set the order of each table I don't want to edit to the back until the one I want is on top.

I don't see any function of table component that allow to set it to top using script. If you know another way, please share with me.



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Are you trying to select the table?  A few things:


1) you should be able to cycle through stacked items by Ctrl-clicking repeatedly

2) in 5.90+ each component is listed in the workspace under the corresponding page.  Just click on the one you want and its selected.  You might name your component so you know which is which

3) consider, in addition to setting visible to 0 to move the table off screen by setting positionLeft to -1000.  Then reset it to whatever it is normally when you set visible to 1.

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