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I'm wondering if there's a way to display textual information on a tooltip - when the user hovers over an image or object? 

I can probably get around this by using a visible/invisible bit of code based on clicking the item - but if there's a smoother way to do this, that would be great


Thanks :)

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Unfortunately there isn't a simply way of doing this.  If you really want to do it, you'll probably want to use the OnMouseMove event to look for when it is over a component, but it can be tricky, as mouseMove has to be fast.  You'll probably want to use the mousemove on both the component and the system level.  I've attached a 5.91 example that does the job.  I use a button component as the tooltip as a button has a panel and text combined.  You could also create a group with a panel component and a text component, or something similar.


Note that the tooltip is smooth because I have the refresh rate of the page set to 0.1.  Code is in the OnMouseMove event of each component, and the sequences.

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