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In my application a user can enter a new note during a test using Quick notes then I'm using an export set to append the notes to a file.

The user can also view the notes in a text window with buttons to step up and down through the notes.

My idea is that when the test is finished the user can press a button to clear the history, enter a new file path for the export sets then start a new test without exiting the program.

This works fine for the channel data and the other information (Test title, number etc.) but the Quick notes history is still left unless the user quits the program and restarts it.


It's displaying the notes that is tricky, I have spent quite a while trying to write my own version of Quick notes using scripting but it doesn't seem to be quick or easy to get the same features, I am considering just not displaying the notes, the notes feature would become write only and the user would have to open and view the .csv file instead.

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