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simple question but I didn't find answer...


How can I change LED symbol to be green if digital input_1 is true, and red when is false... ?




component name is: LED_channel_1

active color is green

inactive color is red



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well, both examples please....


LED component, right click -> Displays -> LED round....



how to change color on button eg from gray to green ( relay on/off)  ???


also picture


how to change c:\picture1.gif  ( channel1=0 )    to c:\picture2.gif if  channel1=1

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You can change the color of the LED component for off/on by simply clicking on the active color or inactive color boxes in the components properties.  Active is when the expression evaluates to non-zero, inactive when it evaluates to zero.


A button is a little trickier, here you would have to name the button (select, the right click and select Component Name...), then, probably in the Event for the relay channel, put:


component.myButton.backColor = iif(relayChannel[0], RGB(0,255,0), RGB(255,0,0))


That will set the background color of the button to green if relayChannel is non-zero and red if zero.


As for the picture, use the symbol component.  Create two rows in the symbol component, one with threshold = 0, the other with threshold = 1.  Then paste the appropriate picture for each.

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THX, it works..but 3rd option is not working as you suggested..( using custom picture, like digital1=red_polygon.jpeg else  blue_polygon.jpeg



right click -> display -> Symbol....


tried to copy-paste bitmap, jpeg but nothing happened

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