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Why is opening the file (see attachment) "File -> Open...", when the mode "Operate", button "U_1.8V"  is always activated (turns green in my case) and performed the associated sequence? When you open a file in the mode "Edit" this does not happen ...


The problem is present on "WinXP SP3" and "DAQFactory Express 5.91 Build 2203"


Tried on "Win7" and "DAQFactory Lite 5.91" - everything is working properly.


Sorry for my English...


Thank you.


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This is most likely because you saved the document with that button being green.  It certainly appears green when I load it (under Win7).  What I'd imagine happening is that under XP, your LabJack driver is installed in a different folder and not in c:\program files\labjack\drivers\labjackud.h.  This results in the StartUp sequence generating an error in line 2, and the rest of that sequence never gets executed to reset the colors.

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