Graphs In A Computer With Runtime License


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I have created an application on my development station that do logging (very basic: ASCII, with time intervals of 30s) and display graphs and it is working perfectly on this station. But when I copy the application to another computer that have runtime license, It behave like following: the logging is going (I checked the txt data files) and initially (when opening for the first time) I can see real time graph, but after some time or after closing and reopening the application the graph is not displayed any more (neither real time graph nor the historical one) although the logging into txt file continue to work well. 
I tried this on two different runtime stations with the same result. Could you explain me what may be the problem, please?

Ian Rybak


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My first thought would be that the Persist folder does not exist on the other computer.  It is set to:




If that folder doesn't exist, then the channel persist won't work, which means that the history will be limited (resulting in much shorter graphs), and on restart you will be reset to a blank graph.  DAQFactory will not make the folders for you.

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