Alarm On High Voltage Spike


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I am logging voltage data between 0 to 4.5 volts with daily logs twice per day (7AM to 7PM based on your guidance of several days ago)..  I would like to have some type of audible alarm (perhaps buzzer connected to LabJack U3) when a voltage spike exceed 4,5 volts.  Perhaps the alarm would remain on for say one minute.  Is this feasible?  If so can it be accomplished easily?  An alternative, would be the ability to some how flag any days file that had such a spike that exceeded 4.5 volts.


James Allen

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That's actually quite easy.  I can't address what buzzer to get, but let's say you have it wired to a channel called "Buzzer" which is a digital output, and the voltage data you refer is in a channel called "Volt".  In the Event for the Volt channel put:


if ((volt[0] > 4.5) && (volt[1] <= 4.5))




Then create a sequence called "soundBuzzer":


Buzzer = 1

delay(60) // 1 minute

Buzzer = 0


That's it!

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