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Using BUTTON from tool box, we are able to toggle value between 0 and 1, its toggle button. I need Momentary push button, means it writes 1 value to channel up to kept it pressed. as soon as released it, channel valued should turn to zero. Also wanna to show different text for value 0 and 1. How can I make this?

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Use two actions on the same button.  Both should be quick sequence actions.  The first one would have the "On Mouse Down" checkbox that appears when you select Quick Sequence checked.  That one would have script like:

myChannel = 1
strCaption = "ON!"

Then the second action would not have On Mouse Down checked and would have:

myChannel = 0
strCaption = "Off"

Note if you want the button text to change if the channel changes outside of the button press, you either need to add it to script, or you can use a blank button, and then overlay a Descriptive Text Component on top of it.

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