write a double type variable with File.Write()

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I'm just curious.

Before I never was able to write a double variable to a file without convert to string using file.write() such as

Global myVar = 8

File.Write(OpenFile, "myVar =," + myVar)

Would give me an error. But now I'm using DF16.3 and the code above will work just fine.  

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Nothing has changed.  When concatenating values with +, the data type of the first item in the list determines the overall type.  And DAQFactory will automatically convert a number to a string when needed, but not the other way.  So:

myVar + " = myVar"

will generate an error, but:

"myVar = " + myVar

won't.  The best thing is to use doubleToStr(), but I still often use a trick even when I want the number first, for example:

"" + myVar + " = myVar"

won't generate an error because the first item is a string, albeit an empty one.

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