infinite while loop


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I'm just curious the code below doesn't cause any trouble

Private String StrIn

Private String OpenFile = File.Open(SetLocation,1,0,0,1)

            Private String DocContents = File.Read(OpenFile)         // Read the open file line by line
            StrIn = Parse(DocContents,-1,",")         // Parse the content by the commas


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In today's multicore computers, an infinite loop without delay doesn't always mean a freeze or busy DF since only one core would get tied up.  The exception is if the code was running in the primary DF thread, namely in a component Action or triggered from the command/alert.  But, in your case, I'm actually surprised.  Do you get an error message?  I'm assuming you are running in a sequence. Does the sequence run and then stop?

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I have received no error message and the sequence also stopped. I could run it again. I tried different files at a time and the files were read correctly. I used Try and Catch but the sequence did not return any error.

 I mostly

If (DocContents == "") 

to break out of the loop. Does this also break out of the loop if it reach a blank row? The file I'm reading has many blank rows in between data rows.

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