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The above post was few years ago, don't know if the new DF version can make change to individual cell color or the text within the cell.

I have a table that display all the test data. The last column will display whether a test is PASS or FAIL. The array is long and therefor, I want to highlight all the FAIL result with different color than PASS. Would I be able to do so with DF16.3?



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No, you would have to do it the same way mentioned in the previous post by making a manual table of a grid of variable value components.  Then use a couple of arrow buttons (or other similar transport controls, even the slider control) to change subsetting of the variable that controls what is displayed.  So, say you created a global variable called startRow that is changed by some sort of transport controls you create.  You'd create a grid of variable value controls similar to this (sample Expressions for the controls shown):

testName[startRow]        result[startRow]      passFail[startRow]
testName[startRow+1]    result[startRow+1]  passFail[startRow+1]
testName[startRow+2]    result[startRow+2]  passFail[startRow+2]
... etc...

The transport controls should limit the range of startRow from 0 to Numrows(testName) - number of rows of controls


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