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I have managed to get strings logging by using the sequence from the manual, however its hard coded to a specific file.

How can I change this to make it into a user selected file?


global string fileLoc
fileLoc = "C:\DAQFactory\Log.txt"

//open file ect
private FileHandle = File.Open(fileLoc,0,1,1,1)
//string format
private string strText = FormatTime(Logset.Time[0]) + "," + DoubletoStr(mean(Mass_Flow[0,5])) + "," + DoubletoStr(mean(Pressure_1[0,5])) + "," + DoubletoStr(mean(Pressure_2[0,5])) + "," + DoubletoStr(mean(Pressure_3[0,5]))
//write data
//close file


Thank you.

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Initialize fileLoc in a different sequence, one marked Auto-Start.  Then you can change the file name using a variety of methods.  For example with a button you could add this Quick Sequence Action:

private string name = file.fileSaveDialog(fileLoc)
if (!isempty(name))
   fileLoc = name



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