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I need to provide a customer with the ability to set on/off times over a 30 day period. This is to enable pumip to operate when the predicted tide is high. We have the data available each month for the times thus I need to switch on the pumps twice a day for a month or longer. The runtime licence user needs to be able to go to a separate page to set up both date and times so these can all be entered in advance.

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You can do all this for sure, its just a little involved.  We don't have a built in "tide table" feature :).  Do you want the times entered in DAQFactory or are you going to import them from a file?

You can easily get the current day of the month using:


Then just create two arrays, one for on time, one for off time with 31 elements each for each day of the month.  They would hold the time of day to switch.  Alternatively, you could use the date/time edit control and store the absolute time to change.  Really there are a lot of different ways to do it depending on your needs.

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Thank-you for the reply, it would perhaps be easier to load an Excel spread sheet each month ( or longer)  so the client

can set-up the dates and times on their pc prior to loading on a USB stick. We are using a panel mounted Lilliput 10" pc

with a couple of USB ports on the front so loading would be easy.


I'm new to SCADA programming so would be keen to get someone to assist with this.


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