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Set and Read Register

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I am working with DAQFactory, and I want to know if it's possible to make a channel with ModbusRS485 Device Type to be an Read/Set Register at the same time.

In the control I have, I can do it local, with a COM Tester, but with DAQFactoty I have reading channel or writing channel, but not both.

Is there any way to establish a Channel to be readable and writable?



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I stablish my Read Holding U16 (3) type of channel, but when I try to write in it from DAQConnect, the Command / Alert window displays:


Tried to set an input register or an unsupported data type (U16).

I have this type of Channel:



Device Type: Serial_RS_485

I/O Type: Read Holding U16 (3)

DAQConn?: (Yes)


I am sending a "1" to the register to enable a LED. I have the sequence OnDCSet with this:

if (key == "edoSalidasR")
   edoSalidasR = strtodouble(val)

And the control in DAQConnect like this:


What can I do? Help!


Device Type.png


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