TCP null protocol - droping the connection


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I'am using null protocol to send data over the internet to uC. I want to be able to connect to the uC which works with initComm but I also want to drop the connection when I'am not using it. It seems to me that connection never drops. On uC i have information that connection has been dropped, but when I allow uC to listen if there is incoming request for connection it immediately connects back to DAQFactory. When I disconnect connection with uC and change port number in DAQFactorly it surely don't make connection but when i change it back it immediately connects again. So my question is, Is there way to drop connection on given port ? or can you confirm me for sure that DAQFactory closes connection so I can focus on uC and his XPort module.

Best regards,

Ugljesa Popovic.

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I'm assuming we are talking Ethernet as really you can't detect if something is on the other end of a serial line.  To disconnect a TCP socket, set the address to empty and call initComm().  Then to restablish, set the address to the desired address and call initComm() again.


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