How to use DATAQ DI-245 with DAQfactory?


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Hi all,

I just new with DAQFactory and communication protocol.

I got problem with our DI-245 device working properly in DAQfactory.

With its own software WIndaq, DI-245 working fine but we need to using in only one software like DAQfactory.

I try to add DI-245 in DAQFactory, i can TX command  "(0x00)A1" and receive RX A12450. But other command not working.

Anyone have try this device with DAQfactory, please help me config this device in DAQfactory.


Thanks you guy.

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I'd need a bit more detail as to what is and what is not working.  Are you typing exactly that: "(0x00)A1"?  Because that is not what the manual wants you to send.  (0x00) in your manual just means the byte 0.  So, in the comm monitor you would type:


and you'd get A123450

Other, more useful commands use a different setup, so for example to enable analog channel 0 for +/-50V range you would type:

chn 0 0\x0D

The \x0D is the carriage return at the end and required for most of the commands or the device will never respond.

Once you can manually type in commands into the comm monitor we can talk about how to create simple script to make it easier.

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