Problem opening in "safe mode"


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Hi,I have a project with about 500 channels communication through ModbusTCP to a PLC.

I tried several times to open the DF project in "safe mode" because I don't have the PLC connected all the time (@ testing lab) but the project is opened and getting stuck.

I assume safe mode has to enable me to work fully offline. What can be the reason for this ?

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Safe mode protects against most things, but if you put something in your UI, for example, device.myDevice.readholding(1,0,1), that goes to the device directly, it will not stop it.  You really should never put that type of direct comms in your user interface elements anyway. 

That may not be it, but it is likely something to do with the user interface elements since channel timing won't start in safe mode, nor sequences.

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