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I am logging data from daqfactory to Ms-access but getting error:

C1011 Could not create table for logging. Msg:  syntax error in create table statement.

my logging information:

logging method: odbc database

data source: abc

Table name: SET_0659A

 i have some confusion in sql buttion query  please send some dummy or refrence program for help.. and solve my problem as soon as possible.



Untitled (2).ctl


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The problem is that while SQL is somewhat of a standard, different publishers use different names for their data types.  By default, DAQFactory uses "DATE" for date/time, "DOUBLE" for numbers, and "TEXT" for strings.  This works with MySQL, the most common database.  However, it appears you are using Access.  Access I believe uses DATETIME instead of DATE, VARCHAR instead of TEXT and DOUBLE for numbers.  So, when you click on the sql button in the logging set, you can change the names given there to match what your database needs.



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