CB15 EIO Channels in DAQFactory

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I'm novice user of DAQFactory software and I can't seem to find any information on the web about this.

I'm using DAQFactory with :LABJACK UE9 Pro + CB15 terminal board. I have thermocouples in all 4 AIN chanels of LABJACK and some in EIO channels of CB15.

In DAQFactory, while configuring new channel I have a problem with identifying number of channel.

For example, if I put Channel number 4, I will get measurements from AIN4 - and it works,

Question is, what channel number I have to set, to aquire measurements from, lets say, channel EIO0 of CB15 terminal board? (I have found in LABJACK app guide, that channels EIO are from 8 to 15, but it doesnt work at all for me - maybe there are some different parameters I need to set during creation of new channel in DAQFactory, or in device configuration?)


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The UE9 has 14 analog inputs and they are all labelled AIN0 to AIN13.  Unlike the U3, the FIO / EIO / CIO pins are all digital only, not analog.  So you need to wire your additional thermocouples into AIN5, AIN6, etc which are located on the DB37, not the DB15 / CB15.  You might consider purchasing a CB37 to get access to those pins if you don't want to wire up a DB37 by hand.

See this link:



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Thank you for reply!

As adviced, I have used CB37 terminal board instead of CB15. It work perfectly. Was trying to use CB15 becasue I do not need that many inputs, however if its not possible than it's not! ;)

Case closed.

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