Dynamic Selection Of Active Channels

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We'd like to dynamically select which Channels are in use during testing sessions.  Switching Channel.Timing between 0.00 and 0.01 is reported correctly in the Channel Table, but Variable Values derived from Channels, for instance, do not track the changes (by showing or not the beloved Red X).

Stopping the Document and reloading it after the .Timing is changed DOES cause the desired results.

We'd like to dynamically re-select Channels during the same run of the Document, as well as change some .Expressions, .LogFileName, and such, to reflect the new selected Channel set without having to manually stop and reload the Document.

Is this possible?

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After any change in Timing through script, you have to call:


to restart the timing loops.  This is done automatically when you edit channels through the UI, but is not done when you edit channels through script.


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