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I have created program to read analog channel (x) continuesly and create sequence to average the value at 60 sec cycle

then using sum() function adding them all,this works fine but i have to do this for 8 hrs then history length should be 28800

can it be possible to sum()value by keeping history and persist at 1

regularly adding the value using loop - sample

1 st value - 9000,9010,9015,9020 ....

Since i have history & persist = 1 only recent value getting changed but not getting added to previous value

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We have indistrial computer ( Siemens -Simatic IPC -670) with partion size of 1GB (C:Drive) and OS - windows 2000 professional

Operator interface of OEM and OS has consumed about 700MB of space thats why we want to try out,Pl suggest any better way store pl be advised

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OK, that is a good reason :)  Yes, you can do it.  Use an event on the input channel, then create another channel (or variable) to hold the running sum.  So, if the X is your input channel, create a Test D to A channel called Y (or whatever you want), and in the Event for X, put:

Y = InsertTime(Y[0] + X[0], X.time[0], 0)

The InsertTime() is required so the correct timestamp is used.  You don't want it to use the timestamp from Y[0], since that would then never change.

You'll need to initialize Y for it to work:

Y = 0

and you can reinitialize it, say at the end of each 8 hour period, with the same line.

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