How to ceate and key in exponential format

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I'm unclear what you mean.  You can type these numbers as constants exactly how you did.  You can format existing numbers in scientific notation using the format() function and the %e or %E specifier:

format("%E", 1.0878E-9)

would return a string:


%e does the exact same thing but puts a lower case e in response:


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Thank you for the reply

I want to create a "Variable Value Component" and be able to

set the value with the exponential notation as in eg


0r   9.871E+3

Any documents or examples for me??\


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Yes.. The Display can show in the correct format...

Q1: But using the 'Set To' action within the  "Variable Value Component" only allows input in the format of 0.0000015,  [But I want to enter data as 1.5E-6]

Q2: I want to truncate the display from 9.123456E-9  to show only 9.1234E-9..  Please advise...


TQ again


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Q1: the set to action does allow scientific format.  It just doesn't display the current value in scientific.  That you can get around by using the system.entryDialog() function and a quick sequence instead of the Set To Action.  The code would be similar to this (assuming "x" is your variable you are setting):

private in = system.EntryDialog("Enter new value:", NULL, NULL, format("%e",x))
if (!isempty(in))
   x = in

Q2: format() is basically a pass through to the old C function printf().  You can search for printf() on the web and see lots of examples of how it can be used.  In your case, you'd want: "%.4E", though I should add that it will round, so 9.123456E-9 will show up as 9.1235E-009, not 9.1234E-009

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