Recovering data in history but not logged

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Is there a way to recover the data from history that was not logged in a logging set?

I set up a counter that measured pulses over one minute intervals but failed to include the channel in a log set.

I saved the program 'with history' so when I open the program I can see the old data with about 125 minutes of counter data in the channel table and in the graph, but I can't seem to figure out how to extract it into a data file.

I have tried re-running the program with the counter data channel as part of a logging set and by exporting, but the history disappears and only new data shows in the log and export files.  

Any help would be appreciated.  

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You should be able to setup an export set to do it. Just make sure not to include [0] in your expressions.

If that doesn't work you can create a little script to write the data to a file using the lower level file. functions.  Is it just one channel?

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