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I have read the post on BCD conversion and the formula to use

sum((bcd & {0xf000,0xf00,0xf0,0xf}) / {4096,256,16,1} * {1000,100,10,1})

I'm not sure how to use it in conjunction with the Channel data returned

The manual says for the piece of equipment I am using that the hour and day are BCD with the hour lower byte

I am using I/O read holding U16 (3) which is returning 5409 for 15th day and 2100 hour - is this the correct I/O to use?

(for Month and Year (9th mth 2017 year) using the same I/O on a different Channel I am returning 5897)

I assume by substituting 5409 for bcd in the above formula I would get an integer and then by using floor and modulus functions I would get the correct values - I'm not...

(I have used the floor and Modulus functions on other equipment / data conversions and have got it to work)

Your help in the correct method to convert the BCD values most appreciated











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Actually, its probably easier to split the word into the two bytes before you feed it into the BCD function.  To get the low byte of a word, just do:

value & 0xff

To get the high byte when you know its a word (and not a long) do:

value >> 8

Then feed the result into the bcd function in place of the "bcd" and you'll get what you want (I checked!)

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