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Ok, how to describe this...

So I have an embedded computer with a small touch screen running daqfactory that is doing some process control. This will have a basic user interface to work well with the small screen.

I want to then be able to access daqfactory on this computer from another computer but view a more complex user interface. 

At first I thought maybe daqfactory running on both computers, but this could get complicated. Then I thought maybe I can use VNC and log on to the embedded computer. Is it possible to use popup page modal and when daqfactory starts to make two windows, maybe on separate virtual desktops, display one on the small touch screen and VNC on to the other one from the computer. Then I can control the program from either computer and the embedded one can mean the system is standalone 




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You were on the right track by using two copies of DAQFactory.  This was in fact, one of the first use cases with DAQFactory, where a customer had an embedded computer that lived on a pod on the wing of a plane, and they needed to view what was going on from a computer inside the plane.

Anyhow, it is a lot easier than you would think.  You'll create a remote connection to the other computer and then set it is the default connection.  Then most everything works as before, except now you are referencing the remote instead of the Local connection.


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Close, the NOAA P3, though I'd imagine it has been used in a similar fashion on other research aircraft, I just wasn't directly involved so don't know the details.  I did one a long time ago on a Cessna.  DAQFactory ran on an embedded system sitting on a Cessna and there was a satellite phone link to the ground where another copy of DAQFactory provided real time viewing of data.  The scientists were then able to radio directions to the pilot.

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