Delete off screen or invisible components

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Sometimes a component wanders off the visible screen and when that happens, you can no longer delete it because it can not be clicked on.

Here is a work around for that:

1. Copy the entire visible page and paste it to a new page. (Do this in full screen mode [F4} )

2. Check to make sure that all components are on the new pasted page.

3. Delete page with off screen components.

4. Rename new pasted page to old deleted page name.


Non visible components will be gone.

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(plus the next release of DAQFactory will have scaling, so you'll be able to actually find the missing components.  It won't help if they are WAY off the screen, or off the top or left side, so this is a good workaround!)

Under newer DAQFactory releases, all the screen components are listed in the workspace under the page name.  You can select an individual component, no matter where it is, and whether it is visible or not by clicking on its name in the workspace.  Then you can either use the keyboard to move it, or open the Properties docking bar and adjust the position manually.

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