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Alarm Reset slow

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I think I saw something on this somewhere in the forum, but I cannot find it now,

I have 45 alarms, and I have a test sequence that when run will fire them all.  They all ack properly using the  Alarm.AckAllAlarms() function.

The reset is a different story.  I am using alarmreset=0 as the reset event for all the alarms. This is brought to 1 by a reset button. 

In some cases that button must be held down for 20 seconds to reset a particular alarm. the button uses a quick sequence as follows:

alarmreset=1 (on mouse down checked)

alarmreset=0 (on mouse down not checked)

Is there anything that can be done about this?



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For one thing, I think you want:

alarmreset == 0

And I think you have the mouse down check part reversed.  It should be 1 on mouse up, and 0 on mouse down so that alarmreset is 0 only momentarily.  I however, would probably reverse the logic all round and make the reset condition be:

alarmreset == 1

(or just: alarmreset)

and then keep the button the way you have it.


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