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 I’m having trouble with setting up a counter. I followed the sample but keep getting a shared timer error. What could be causing this?

Also, i know you’ve said not to reset a counter because you may miss some counts. Im trying to set up  a shock dyno to read 2.25 revolutions at ten different speeds. Is it possible to count 2.25 revolutions then have time to reset and start counting again at the next speed?

A little info

I have a 60-2 tooth wheel with a proximity sensor reading the teeth. I was thinking I could read my channels from 1-135 teeth then reset counter at 180. With the 2 missing teeth I could probably do some type of sequence. 

Im also a little confused on how to use the set channel for a combo box. I’d like to have several combo boxes which would display different graphs. Can you point me towards an example somewhere that explains set channel better?



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The folks at LabJack will have to address the shared timer error.  That is coming from the device.

When I've said don't reset the counter, that is when you are need to continuously count.  If you want to read 2.25 revolutions, then change speed, then do it again, and you don't care if you miss counts between cycles, then you certainly can reset the counter.  I still find it easier to just record the starting count and subtract it though.  Unless of course you expect to roll through 4 billion+ counts.

Set Channel is just an old caption from when DAQFactory only had channels.  Now you can put variables in there.  But I wouldn't use a combo to select a graph type.  I'd use buttons and just switch pages to view the different graphs.  Or use overlaid pages, similar to how the AshlandWater.ctl sample does it.  Combo's are clunky in general and really should only be used when you have too many options to fit on the page for a single click, for example, when selecting what state you live in when you are buying something.

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