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In sometimes my Daqfactory program is suddenly stopping (attached a print screen copy) and again i cannot run the same copy. So i have to run an other copy of same program soon. in this case the values attached to some virtual channels are changed and this is a big issue for me.  So can we have any possibility to write those necessary channel values in permanent memory (not in the program file - even in a file in Daqfactory directory) in the PC frequently using and script and get them read when initiating the program?  this will solve this problem. 

In fact i need this very urgently as i'm going to log some sequential data and if any file corruption occurs when logging, it will jam my entire system when it will be continued with another copy of the program.  

so your support on this is highly appreciated. 

Best regards,


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1. Mostly i need to save the Virtual channel values to be read by the next copy of same .ctl file. In channel persistence i found only the way to persist the channels in the channel table. So please let me know can i do the same for the virtual channels as well.

2. No. Im not doing auto persist or system.saveDocument() anywhere. 

Best regards,



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