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I decided to start a new topic as this question is subset of my Current Component Name post

I have been trying to get this to work for a number of hours and now I am completely lost so I have set up a new file just to test

in my other post you said use CreateProperty() in onLoad - which I though I had done successfully but now I realise not

in the new file all I am trying to do is create a property called timerx and have knob1 set timerx =1 and knob 2 set timerx =2

please see attached screen shot

As my 2nd print ? "this is Knob1 after CreateProperty" has not printed I assume my line CreateProperty(timerz,100) has not run

My understanding is that by using createproperty() I can then have local variables for my timerx components once I set their values

I know this is a very basic question -  but just how is it done?




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You are making a somewhat common error.  timerz as you have it without quotes is a symbol meaning it references a variable, channel or something else with that name.   In your case, it is probably NULL, which causes CreateProperty to fail.  You need to provide a string with the name of the new parameter, i.e.: createProperty("timerz", 100)

This may be a common error because there are a few functions that take symbols when really they should take strings, namely the begin/end functions, i.e. beginseq(), endseq(), etc.  This is left over from very old DAQFactory.

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